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Commissioner decries trash, litter

July 31, 2006

Albany -- City Commissioner Jon Howard says Albany is in danger of becoming known as a filthy city.   That's why state, city, and county officials want to organize to clean up, and they want to start downtown.

Overflowing dumpsters and trash on the street are eyesores that will keep customers away from Downtown Albany. So officials are organizing a campaign to clean up the renovated Downtown area first, and then move out from there throughout the county.

"This is an economic development issue. This is going to determine new business that we get in. Businesses that stay here. We have to look good to be prosperous," says Judy Bowles of Keep Albany/Dougherty Beautiful.  

Organizers are asking downtown businesses to clean up their property first. City and county commissioners want to put teeth behind codes requiring landowners to keep their property clean, free of abandoned houses and junk cars.  


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