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Advanced voting begins for runoffs

July 31, 2006

Albany - Advanced voting is underway in Georgia's runoff election. About 15 people voted in Albany today.

There are four statewide runoff races, two democratic and two Republican. Elections Supervisor, Carolyn Hatcher says, "The runoff is very important. It hasn't been finished until the runoff is done. Some very big races going on, secretary of state, Lt. Governor, agriculture commission so people need to come out and vote."

You can vote in the runoff election, even in you didn't vote in the July 18th primary. But if you did vote in the primary, you'll have to stick to the same party ballot in the runoff.

Here's a list of races taking places in South Georgia: 

Ben Hill Comm. D3 P1 (Democrat)
Philip Jay III
Terry McDonald

Coffee Sheriff (Special election)
Joe White
Jerry Pope

Coffee Comm. Dist 5 (Democrat)
James Vickers
Charles Dean

Decatur Comm. Dist 6 (Democrat)
Gary Brinson
William Ross

Grady Comm Dist 2 (Democrat)
Charles Renaud
Benny Prince (i)

Lee Comm. Dist 1 (Democrat)
Willie Sneed
James Mays

Lowndes Comm. Dist 3 (Republican)
Lucious Moore
Billy E. Young

Sumter Comm. Dist 4 (Democrat)
Randy Howard
Matt Wright

Tift Comm. Dist 4 (Republican)
Sherry Miley
John Huggins (i)

Worth Comm. Dist 4 (Democrat)
Jerry Childree
Johnny Smoak



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