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New therapy shows amazing results

July 31, 2006

Valdosta - People who've suffered from strokes and other major traumas now have a new option in treatment.  A Rehab Center in Valdosta offers state of the art therapy and it's success rate is astounding.

May Moore has suffered from infantile paralysis since her first birthday and was confined to a wheelchair for 5 years.

Since she started therapy at Innovative Rehab Solutions, she's relearned to walk.  "She can get up and down, she can stand up and walk on that treadmill in the pool which she couldn't do before. They've just done a wonderful job with her," said her sister and care taker Irene Barks

May is one of the many patients who have come to Innovative Rehab to use its newest technology, the aquatic therapy program.   This therapy allows patients who suffer from strokes, body pains, and arthritis to enter this pool and use the underwater treadmill. Using simple exercises therapists can then train the brain to relearn movements lost from traumas suffered.

On February 15, Doris Warren suffered a massive stroke that left her partially paralyzed.  "I couldn't move my left arm at all and I'm left handed," Doris explained.

Since then she has tried many rehab programs with no success.  That is until she heard about Innovative Rehab Solutions and started their underwater program.  "I went to a rehab in the hospital and I also had rehab at home. But we just didn't seem to make any progress and we have here."

Doris Warren and May Moore will continue their aquatic therapy and recommend it to anyone who has had similar problems.  Since Innovative Rehab Solutions purchased this new piece of equipment, they have seen an influx of patients from all over the south.


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