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Old ink cartridges earn money for schools

July 29, 2006

Albany -- Your trash could be another's treasure. Another way Staples is helping schools save money on supplies is by offering schools money in return for recycling old ink cartridges.

Staples is sponsoring a program that gives your child's school 3-dollars for every single used ink cartridge that you save for recycling. The Recycle for Education program accepts empty cartridges from parents, teachers, students, and friends.

Staples then donates money to schools that have signed up for the program.

"Any ink cartridge a student, or anybody drops off into the school, it is sent then to qualify for recycling, will get three dollars that goes directly to their school," said General Manager Andrew Trapp.

General Manager Andrew Trapp says one of these boxes can hold hundreds of little cartridges, which means a lot of money for your school.

If you'd like more information or to sign up your school logon to www.staplesrecyclefored.com.

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