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Skater and bikers roll with the weather

July 28, 2006

Albany -- It was another dangerously hot day in south Georgia with heat indeces around 100-degrees. When weather is that hot, doctors warn you to stay indoors and not to over exert yourself.

But the heat couldn't keep a group of young people from enoying what they like doing most. Several bikers and skateboarders were out at the Albany Riverskate park despite the scorching temperatures.

Some skaters say enduring the heat is better than staying at home, so they learn to adjust to the hot weather."When you do it everyday you kinda get used to it, it gets better. It's still really hot, but it's not too bad after a while. You just sweat," said skater Bret Bamford.

Owners of the park say the heat has deterred some people from coming out, but those who do come out keep cool by taking breaks and drinking lots of gatorade and water.



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