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Police shooting victim unarmed when shot

Alice Warren (Source: APD) Alice Warren (Source: APD)

July 28, 2006

Albany -- GBI Investigators say the woman shot by an Albany Police Officer Wednesday did have a butcher knife in her purse when she was shot, but the Officer did not see it.

That shooting victim has a violent history, including stabbing her own brother.

30 year old Alice Warren is in fair condition Friday night at Phoebe Putney Hospital, recovering from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

GBI Investigators say Wednesday Albany Police Officer Vy Chu shot her while he was checking this abandoned house in the 1300 block of South Davis Street. Investigators say Warren jumped out of a bedroom closet, startling the officer, who fired one shot.

GBI Investigators say Warren had a butcher knife in her purse, but the Officer did not see it. Warren plead guilty a year ago to stabbing her brother, Jerome Stanley, in the neck with a butcher knife.

Investigators say she admits she carries one with her at all times. She was sentenced to ten years probation for aggravated assault.

In late June a mental health revocation hearing was held about Alice Warren. The findings say Warren is bi-polar, and is "bad to roam from home to the streets."

Police were called to the South Davis home because neighbors say someone was in the abandoned house. GBI Investigators say so far they have found no criminal intent by Corporal Chu in their shooting investigation.  They plan to turn their findings over to the Police Department and the District Attorney next week.

The abandoned house where the shooting occurred is still wide open Friday afternoon. The house has been condemned, but the doors and windows are all open. Neighbors wonder what it will take to get the city to take care of the problem. Quilla Miller said "They can either board it up, rebuild it, or tear it down. Either way, it does not matter to me."

Elizabeth Dean, The Director of Planning and Development Services, says they can not seal the house until a Judge rules they can. They have taken information to the City Attorney to have the house torn down, but Dean says it is a slow, complicated procedure because they do not know where the owner is.

The station reported Wednesday that the homeowner died in February 2005 while living in Clayton County. We also informed city officials of our findings.

Quilla Miller says her neighbors have been complaining about the house for months, and still nothing has been done. Miller said "You know that is dangerous. We have little children around here. We have old widow women, such as me, and we need protection."

 Miller says she and her neighbors worry that this home will bring more crime to their quiet community, waiting on the legal system.

Corporal Chu remains on administrative leave until the shooting investigation is completed.

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