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Americus attorney talks about Lebanon

July 28, 2006

Americus-- Attorney Bill Murray watches the fighting in Lebanon with great concern.  He is a second generation Lebanese American.  He has many relatives who still live in Lebanon, including the country's Defense Minister, his second cousin Elisah Murr. 

Murray has not talked with his second cousin recently, but he knows how difficult the situation is in the region.  Many Christians and other civilians are caught in the crossfire as Israel and the Hezzbolah militia continue to trade rocket fire.

"The christians suffering, they have been sympathetic to Israel, yet they are being attacked to and this is the tragedy of all of this. Hezbollah is inner-twined in the society and culture of Lebanon in all sections of Lebanon" said Murray.

Murray visited Lebanon for the first time three years ago.  He says  much of the country's infrastructure will again have to be repaired.  He says the conflict there is like Vietnam was for the United States as  Israel continues to deal with Hezzbolah fighters attacking from inside Lebanon's borders.

 "They are very difficult to seek out, they live in houses with there families. It's a Guerilla group, it's Vietnam all over again for Israel. This is why Israel is afraid to go too deep into Lebanon because it's a quagmire" said Murray.  

The Americus native says he hopes a diplomatic solution to this conflict can resolve it, before more of the beautiful country he knows and some of his family still calls home is damaged.

"This whole thing puts the Lebanese politicians backs to the wall. The very force being used is destroying the fragile makeup of the political system there and of course it is tearing beautiful villages"said Murray.

 His second cousin, the Lebanese Defense Minister was recently sent to Rome for talks along with United States Secretary of State Condolizza Rice.

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