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City's top lawyer stares down gun barrel

July 27, 2006

Albany -- It was a terrifying experience that serves as a call to arms for this close-knit neighborhood.   "I didn't even see the car over there until it was all over,"City Attorney Nathan Davis said Thursday. 

Davis believes the car followed him home Tuesday night to his house on Flamingo Drive. As soon as he stepped out of his truck, he was confronted.   "Sticks his arm out, just like you would see on a movie, has a gun, and says 'Give me your wallet,'" Davis said.  

Gripped by fear, Davis slowly backed away from him. "I say don't shoot me, I don't know how many times. The response is always, 'Give me your wallet.'"  

But Davis refused, convinced that would result in his being shot.  So he did the next thing that came to his mind. "So anyway, at that point, I just ran."  

He ran into the front yard. The robber followed for a moment, then turned toward the street. "He goes over to the car, stops at the trunk, and turns around and takes another look at me, gets in the passenger side of the car and it goes away."

Davis was left standing in his front yard, in plain view of the home of Mike and Mandy Flynn, who themselves were held up at gunpoint in their yard last fall.  

Mike Flynn says the neighborhood is bracing for a resurgence in crime. "The police predicted that this probably would happen. The website's been very active today after everybody was notified of Nathan's incident."  

That's right. This neighborhood has a website to help police their streets. "It will give us things to look for," said Flynn. "People suspicious in the neighborhood, suspicious cars, suspicious activity."

And this year, they have another weapon. "There's a new law that allows the use of deadly force a little bit more liberally in defense of your property," said Flynn. 

After Nathan Davis' attack, the law was posted on the Lake Park neighborhood's website.   "This neighborhood is ready to defend their properties and their families and it's not going to happen like that forever. I mean, one day, somebody's gonna wind up dead if this continues," said Flynn.   

"Scared would be an understatement," Davis says. "I mean, petrified's an understatement. Believe me."

Nathan Davis says starting today, his Colt .45 revolver will always be within his reach.