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Seminole man found dead

July 27, 2006

Seminole County --  A 70 year old Seminole County man was found dead in his home and the Sheriff's office suspects foul play. The GBI says it's a homicide but won't say why someone would want to kill the elderly man. No one is in jail in the case and Thursday investigators combed the property for clues.

Thomasville GBI agents walked the property around 70 year old George Rutten's home. A neighbor found Rutten dead inside the home Wednesday morning.

"The body of a white male was found inside the residence," said Ronnie Thompson, GBI Thomasville Special Agent in Charge.

While the Sheriff's office doesn't want to say where inside the home Rutten was found they did confirm agents collected several items from the crime scene for processing, but won't say what they found.

"That's just standard anytime you have a crime scene, we check the entire premises," said Thompson. Agents also won't say if Rutten lived in the home alone or how he died.

"I couldn't comment on that until we get an autopsy report," said Thompson.

They do believe there was foul play involved and they're calling his death a homicide.

"Anytime on a death we treat it as suspicious until we know otherwise, and like I said right now we're conducting a crime scene like we would on any case involving a dead body," said Thompson.

Because Rutten lived on several acres and his death has been deemed suspicious, police say they will continue to search the property which could take another day. Rutten's body has been taken to Atlanta for examination. Authorities hope that examination will lend more information into Rutten's death.