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School Board will designate bus stops

July 27, 2006

Albany -- On Tuesday, a federal judge did not extend a temporary order blocking sex offenders from living within a thousand feet of school bus stops.  The Dougherty County School Board says it can easily designate school bus stops in order to implement a new sex offender law.

Today, the Dougherty County School board says they are ready to make sure kids are protected from sex offenders. They already have a system set-up that identifies every bus-stop in the county.

"The transportation committee has the stops identified, we can put them on a map, they are computerized. I don't think that information is going to be difficult for this school system to put that information together in a print out and the board approve it so that it can be the official adopted bus stops," said board member David Maschke.

"We do know where our initial plan for all the proposed stops are, so that students know where to go to be picked up," Maschke said. 

That means if convicted sex offenders live within 1,000 feet, they'll have to move. But, the judge did say that school systems would have to specifically designate bus stops if the law was to be implemented.

Opponents of the new law say it will leave convicted sex offenders with no place to live, and even if they move out of a restricted area, their new home could very well be at risk of becoming restricted too. That's because every time a new student moves in and out of the system, bus stops are updated. The Dougherty County School board updates stops weekly.


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