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Unforgettable love and commitment

July 27, 2006 
by Cherie Bank         

A Pennsylvania man does something extraordinary to keep a promise to his dying wife.   

It's kind of nice an 83-year-old man like George Rayl finds pleasure in gardening. But he just does that, when he's not studying medical biochemistry.   

You see, he made a promise to his wife Olga eleven years ago as she lay dying of ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.   

"I said well I'll make you a promise.  I'll spend the rest of my, working in this field, in an attempt, to find a solution for this thing."     

Now, George Rayl's made his promise to Olga come true.  He was the oldest graduate at Thomas Jefferson University, receiving a master's degree in medical bio-chemistry, and Olga was on his mind the whole time.   

"A cure is a lofty goal. at least a treatment for ALS. right now there's nothing," he said.

George Rayl already had a master's in physics and worked in the space industry many decades for General Electric.  Now he'll use that same brilliant mind to contribute to the study of ALS, the degenerative disease that attacks the brain.   

The disease that took his wife of 45 years, and her father too.  Now Rayl worries about his seven kids.               

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