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SIAC coaches pick Rams to win 4th straight conference title

July 26, 2006

Atlanta - The Albany State Rams have been sitting on top of the football mountain in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference for the last three years.

And the coaches in the conference believe the Rams should stay there until someone knocks them off.

Albany State is an overwhelming preseason pick by the conference coaches to win the SIAC title.

The SIAC holding their annual preseason media days in Atlanta where the preseason poll was released.

Albany State head coach Mike White's team received eight of the ten first place votes.

Tuskegee, picked to finish second, received one first place vote and the other went to Kentucky State which came in fourth in the preseason voting.

Albany State placed seven players on the SIAC coaches preseason squad.

Senior defensive end Alton Pettway and offensive linemen Michael Livingston and Michael Mylers were first team selections.

Lineman Chris Chatham, linebacker Rod Cummings and defensive backs Marcus Jefferson and Roderick Whipple were second team selections.

The Rams will open fall camp next Thursday and their season opener is Augusta 26th at North Carolina Central in Durham, North Carolina.

          SIAC Coaches Preseason Poll
        1. Albany State University
        2. Tuskegee University
. Fort Valley State University
4. Kentucky State University
5. Miles College
6. Benedict College
        7. Stillman College
        8. Clark Atlanta University
        9. Morehouse College
       10. Lane College

1st TEAM

Quarterback:                            Kevin Huff                      SR           Tuskegee University
Running Back:                          Jeffrey Nobles                SR           Benedict College
                                                  Terrin Usher                   SR           Clark Atlanta University

Wide Receivers:                       Edward Williams            SR           Lane College
                                                  Jacoby Jones                  SR           Lane College

Tight End:                                  Marcus Moore                SR           Lane College

Offensive Lineman:                  Claiborne Green            SR           Morehouse College
                                                  Michael Livingston        SR           Albany State University
                                                  Bryant Ervin                  SR           Morehouse College
                                                  Michael Myles                SR           Albany State University
                                                  Joe Kegler                     SR           Fort Valley State University

Defensive Lineman:                  Alton Pettway              SR           Albany State University
                                                  Jeff Nweke                   SR           Fort Valley State University
                                                  Atron Jackson               SR           Tuskegee University
                                                  Reggie Hughes              SO           Fort Valley State University

Linebackers:                          Titus Curry                    SR           Benedict College
                                               Michael Porter              JR           Clark Atlanta University
                                               Jasman Necence          SR           Miles College

Defensive Backs:              Johnny Eubanks            JR        Morehouse College
                                          Lee Smith                     SR       Tuskegee University
                                          Junior Taliaui               SR        Fort Valley St.
                                          CarlSpellman                JR         Benedict College 

                                                                    Special Teams
Kick Returner:                            Jacoby Jones                   SR           Lane College
Punt Returner:                           Jacoby Jones                   SR           Lane College
*Place Kicker:                            Roosevelt Echeverry      SR           Tuskegee University
*Punter:                                      Brandon Larkin                SR           Clark Atlanta University



Quarterbacks                        Charles McCullum               JR            Stillman College

Running Backs:                    Brian Knighton                     SR           Fort Valley State University
                                             Richard Fitzhugh                  JR            Tuskegee University

Wide Receivers:                 Marcus Bentley                    SR           Fort Valley State University
                                            Virgil Union                           JR            Lane College

Tight End:                             Phillip Bryant                        SR           Stillman College

Offensive Lineman:              Chris Chatham                      SR           Albany State University
                                              Larry Heyward                      SR           Benedict College
                                              James Jenkins                       SO           Kentucky State University
                                              Kareem Gulley                      SR           Miles College
                                              Larry Peoples                        JR            Tuskegee University


Defensive Lineman:             Dennis Taylor                         SR           Benedict College
                                              Abraham Jackson                  JR            Kentucky State
                                              Jermaine Henderson            JR            Miles College
                                              Charles Pearscott                 SR           Morehouse College

Linebackers:                        Rod Cummings                   JR            Albany State University
                                              Deon Lanier                       SR           Benedict College
                                              Albert Booker                    SR           Tuskegee University 


Defensive Backs:           Marcus Jefferson                 SR           Albany State University
                                        Roderick Whipple                SR           Albany State University
                                        Eddie Young                         SO           Fort Valley State University
                                        Denatay Heard                     JR            Stillman College


                                                                 Special Teams
Kick Returner:                       Richard Siders                      SO           Benedict College
Punt Returner:                      Ravenell Dupree                   SR           Morehouse College
Place Kicker:                         Martin Degazon                   JR            Benedict College
Punter:                                   Sean Reck                              JR            Stillman College

Voted by the SIAC Football Coaches Assocation







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