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Valdosta's growing by leaps and bounds

July 26, 2006

Valdosta - Since receiving its metropolitan status in 2003, Valdosta has seen a large influx of retailers and economic growth.  With the success of those retailers, more business are moving in.

When turning off exit 18 in to Valdosta, it seems there's a new construction project on every corner.  This construction is an indicator of a recent retail boom in the area.  "Our population's gone up, we have a daily arrival of more people than we even have living here. Our revenue sales are reaching almost 2 billion in our area and 80% of that is right here in Valdosta. So retailers have started to notice this is a good place to put a business to people who want to buy," says Economic Development Coordinator Ruby Riesinger.

Many of those businesses are going up around Colonial Mall.  With a consistent increase in population over the past few years and projections showing it will continue with that steady growth in the years to come..the mall began an expansion project that will add an additional 100 thousand square feet of retail space. 

"With more populations and stronger demographics we have an opportunity to bring in new national retailers here and we want to keep our Valdosta residents in town shopping," said Shelley Rehberg, Marketing Director for Colonial Mall.

Some of those retailers include Petsmart, Old Navy, and Ross.  "They have all done extremely well. Most of them are consistently exceeding their weekly goals so we're pleased with the success we've seen to this point," she added.

City and retail officials are working closely to bring in new retailers by contacting corporate offices to present what the city has to offer.  Many of these retailers have come to Valdosta largely due to the success of other stores in the area and by word of mouth.

The mall will be announcing the opening of three new stores at the end of the week.


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