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Smallest peanut crop in years

July 26, 2006

Tifton - This year's peanut crop in Georgia is expected to be the smallest it's been in nearly a century. Low prices, high production costs, and the lack of rain are all contributing factors.

Large peanut crops from the past two years created a surplus that prompted farmers to reduce their peanut acreage while increasing the amount of land devoted to other crops such as cotton.

Then dry weather set in threatening to make an already scaled-back peanut crop even smaller. Don Koehler says, "We started the season with no sub-soil moisture and we've got irrigation wells running out of water and the situation is critical for our farmers."

Rising prices for fuel, fertilizers, and pesticides also played into farmers planting fewer peanuts this year. Even with a smaller crop, prices are not likely to go up because there is a surplus crop from last year.



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