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Huge marijuana haul made near Douglas

July 26, 2006

Coffee County -- More than 8,000 Marijuana plants are discovered in Coffee County.   On Saturday, the Sheriff's department harvested the 8,664 marijuana plants in a heavily wooded area just off of Burl Mills Road.

Authorities say the plants had a potential worth of about $30 million, making this bust one of the largest in the county's history.

All the plants have now been harvested, and placed into evidence. At the site, there was a complex irrigation system set up-- camouflaged, so as to not be spotted from above.

When officers arrived, they found food cooking in a tent, with a radio playing nearby, but the marijuana farmer gave them the slip. Officers haven't made any arrests, but say they are looking at certain individuals.

"They had painted the hoses on the ground, they painted the sand where he had dug to plant the plants and put potting soil in trying to disguise it, in case somebody did fly over, but it didn't work,"  said a Coffee Co. Drug Agent who did not want to be identified.

The area where the plants were being grown, was more than 50 acres. Investigators think that when the helicopter flew over the area, the suspects abandoned the camp.



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