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Bio-diesel plant on the horizon

July 25, 2006

Bainbridge --  South Georgia's first bio-diesel plant could be up and running within the next six months.

Southwest Georgia Oil will select a 30 acre site to build the new plant by week's end. Within four weeks, construction could begin on the 20 tanks that will generate 10 million gallons of bio-diesel.

Local resources will help create the fuel.  Joe Campbell, Director of Wholes Operations for Inland Oil Company said, "We'll take multiple feed stocks, primarily soybean oil, with also the ability to use cotton seed or peanut oil potentially, so we're looking at all of the options. Our goal is to help the local economy, and we're an agri-based economy down here."

The plant will create 40 new jobs. The bio-diesel will be sold at Inland Stations and depending on oil prices could sell for up to five cents a gallon cheaper than regular diesel.