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Ford factory tour comes to Albany

July 25, 2006

Albany --  Ford Motor Company representatives are touring the country as part of a major campaign to attract more customers.  They stopped at FordTown Albany on Tuesday.

Ford executives admit their company "lost its way",  so they came up with new designs and colors to bring attention back to their cars. "We lost our way," said Jim Sawyer, Ford Spokesman. "We started building cars because it was easy to do it in the plant and not because of what the public wanted."  

An orange 2007 Mustang is one of Ford's new concepts.  Later this year, the company will introduce a new model called the "Edge", described as a crossover in the world of automobiles.  

Ford representatives say these are a couple of ways to turn their struggling company around.  "We realize that," said Sawyer. "We're not going to let that situation continue. We're going to answer to the needs and wants of customers. That's why we're coming out with colors like that gravel orange back there. People say give us something bold, give us something colorful."  

The company conducted numerous surveys to develop its action plan.  Sawyer says Ford has done well with trucks and SUVs, but now their push is improving Ford cars.


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