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Employees OK after chlorine exposure

July 24, 2006

Tifton  -- A chlorine gas leak at Tifton Aluminum sends nine employees to the hospital. 

The accident happened around 12:30 this afternoon. Workers at the plant were changing several chlorine cylinders when one of the valves malfunctioned and began leaking. They were unable to shut the valve off.

 The Tifton fire department and e-m-s quickly responded to the scene. The nine workers were evacuated from the building and taken to Tift regional hospital.

"Inhalation of different gases can be a serious thing," said Hospital Spokesperson Stacey Beckham. "But this was a very minor thing. None of the patients were in serious condition."

"First thing is to evacuate the area," said Human Resource Director Kerri Baxter. "Other than the people who are trained to respond to HAZMAT. We get the HAZMAT team in, which is why we call the fire department."

All nine patients have been released from the hospital and are doing fine. The leak was shut off after the HAZMAT team placed a cap on the valve.

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