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Shoppers buying school supplies early

July 24, 2006

Albany - - It's time to stock up on school supplies and if you're waiting for the sales tax holiday, well, it's the weekend after school starts in Dougherty County. While you don't really save a lot of money by avoiding the tax on school supplies, every little bit helps.

Public schools in Dougherty County open next Wednesday, August 2nd. That means only one more weekend to get back-to-school items purchased. And a lot of shoppers aren't waiting for the tax free holiday to get their shopping done.

Pens, pencils, and paper.... and don't forget the bookbags.

"What kind of book bag do you want? This one. What kind is it? Superman," Kelly Shiver interacts with her son getting ready for the first grade. She's not waiting to the last minute.

"Not really. I'd rather go ahead and get it over with before it gets too hectic."

Whether your student is in first grade or college, he'll need school supplies soon.

"I'm shopping for my daughter in college some back to school items and also my daughter that's at Westover. I have some pencils for her and we've already shopped early for the paper supplies for her. So you're just about done with the back to school shopping. Thats correct," says shopper Deborah Toson. 

To help take the hassle out of back to school shopping, Target is one of many stores now offering school supply lists.

"We've had a lot of parents ask, some call before they come and we let them know that we do have them available," says Amy Clark of Target.

People like Deon Hill are checking every item on the list.

"Ive got some pencils, rulers, colored pencils, and scissors."

From her experience, you have to do it early.

"I see that if you buy early, you won't have the wait and get the last of it. Because if you wait for the last, you won't get nothing at all or you wont find what youre looking for."

Tax free or not, they're just getting this out of the way.

"Mom, is this a 1st grade bag? Yep, 1st grade," Shiver tells her son.

If you aren't an early bird when it comes to back to school shopping, then you may want to cash in on Georgia's tax free holiday just be prepared to deal with longer lines. 

The sales tax holiday runs from August 3rd through August 6th.


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