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Teachers head back to school this week

July 23, 2006

Albany - - Teachers and students in the Dougherty County School system don't have too much longer to enjoy their summer.

Teachers return to the classroom in just 3 days. They will have a week to prepare for the new school year. Students will head back to class on August 2nd. N

ext week, Dougherty County Schools will offer Open House.  

"That's an opportunity for parents and students to come in and meet their teachers and find out who their teachers are and get acquainted and it's especially good if you're going to a new building - moving from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school," says Superintendent Sally Whatley.

Open House will take place on July 31st. If your child is returning to elementary or middle school, open house will begin at 5:30 and end at 7. If your child is starting high school, open house will begin at 6 and last until 8.

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