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Are swimming pools being properly inspected?

July 23, 2006

Albany - - Because of the risk of water-borne illness spreading, inspectors with the Dougherty County Health Department inspect about 40 public pools to make sure they are being properly treated. But, they do NOT inspect private pools. That means if you live in an apartment, the county won't check your pool at all.

Erica Nepote is babysitting. Part of passing the time includes a dip in this crystal blue water.

 "Just taking a break from the heat, enjoying the weekend, getting her in the water a little bit and just trying to stay cool."

She says while enjoying the water, it's only natural to think about safety.

"I was just thinking about it when I was in the pool today, I wonder if they test it daily weekly or two times a week. It's alwasy a concern with all the kids and the bacteria that could be in the water."

"I feel it's pretty safe, looks clean," says another swimmer Scott Tyra.

That's just it. The water in the pool can be nice and blue, but you can't tell how safe it is by its color.

Chlorine helps kill germs and gives swimming pools it's aqua-blue color. But if the P-H level isn't balanced with the disinfectent, the chlorine won't work properly.

"I think they should have a little ordinance for the city to make sure all the private pools are clean so no one gets sick or anything like that," Tyra says.

But they don't. Meaning it's up to your apartment complex to make sure they're treating the pool how and when they should be.

"Would you still go swimming even if you don't know? Well I have been so maybe that's something I should look into to make sure they do," Tyra says.

Our questions to these swimmers got them asking some questions of their own.

"You just put trust in them and I'll probably ask them next week how often they check the pool and check the water and the chlorine," Nepote says.

So that she knows that each splash is fun and also safe. 

If you're concerned about the safety of your apartment's pool, just ask your leasing office if they keep a record of how often they inspect and treat the pool. The Dougherty County Health Department says Pool operators are supposed to test their pools several times a day.


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