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Police arrest man for fleeing accident

July 22, 2006

Albany -- Dougherty County authorities have a man in custody who may have caused a three-car accident in Albany and fled the scene. We told you last night at 11 about a high-speed chase that started in Lee County and ended with a crash in Albany.

We now know that Joseph David Bishop is being held at Dougherty County Jail with several charges related to last night's incident.

Joseph Bishop will face charges in both Dougherty and Lee Counties. Right now he is being held at Dougherty County Jail and charges include leaving the scene of an accident, wreckless driving, running a red light, and violating probation. Following his bond out, he will be taken to Lee County Jail to face another set of charges.

We spoke to eye-witnesses last night at the crash scene.

Smashed metal, broken glass, investigators and public safety officials clogged the 2600 block of Slappey Boulevard.

"You're just trying to get from place to place and all and you have all these crazy people driving around and they'll run from the cops, and you never know what's going on," said onlooker James Bradfield.

Eyewitnesses driving down US-19 say they saw a white Lincoln towncar speeding toward Albany, and being chased by Lee County Sheriff's Patrol.

Lee County officials say when the man on the run reached the Ledo Road intersection, the sheriff's officer was instructed to turn around stop chasing because speeds had gotten so dangerous.

The man in the towncar didn't get much further than that.

The chase started in Lee County and ended right here in Albany after the driver of this white Lincoln towncar crashed into two other cars. Witnesses say they saw the man get out of his car bleeding, and leave the mangled mess behind.

"My parents made a left, they seen that car coming like witnesses say 70, 80 miles an hour. My dad tried to make a sharp right but he was coming so quick, he headed on my dad and went through my dad and hit this car right here and knocked that car over there," said Bryce Layfield.

Some people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital, no critical injuries were reported. Another man who said he knew the driver of the White Lincoln towncar was questioned by police, and left the accident site with A-P-D.

Joseph David Bishop was found and taken into custody later that night.

As I said earlier the chase did start in Lee County, and investigators say the officer in pursuit was advised to stop chasing before they crossed the Dougherty County line. Bishop was getting pulled over by a Lee county sheriff's officer for a failure to dim his headlights.

According to Lee County investigators possible charges against Bishop may include fleeing from police, attempting to ellude, and wreckless driving.

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