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Camilla residents are on the watch

July 21, 2006

Camilla -- A rash of bold break-ins and thefts have swept through one small south Georgia town recently. Camilla Police are trying to find the crooks who's crimes are sparking fear in a couple of neighborhoods.

Some thefts and break-ins that happened along MacArthur drive in Camilla, and at least one break-in and armed robbery on Bennett Street. Today we spoke to a victim who was held at gun point recently, who shares a word of advice to others who live nearby.

It was around 2:30 one Saturday morning when three unknown men broke down this door and burglarized and robbed an 84-year old woman.

"When I woke up and opened my eyes and there was this man with this mask and a gun standing in my bedroom door, I thought I would have been scared to death, but I wasn't. I was real calm," said Emmie Lou Lewis.

Emmie Lou Lewis says police told her that staying calm may have saved her life when the criminals broke into her home demanding money. One of them held her at gunpoint until she gave him her purse.

The robbers got away with less than 200-dollars, and Lewis is thankful to be here after her life was threatened.

"My Lord and my Savior took control and he protected me and that's the only thing I can say cause I had no strength, none at all," said Emmie Lou Lewis.

According to other Camilla residents, Lewis isn't the only victim in this small town. As a caring neighbor Lewis has advice for others.

"Everybody needs to secure themselves well and I thought I was fairly secure, but I wasn't secure well enough," said Emmie Lou Lewis.

Following the incident at her home, Lewis had a security system installed. She warns her family and friends of what happened to her, so others are sure to keep watch and lock their doors.

We know that there were break-ins of at least two cars and a home on Macarthur Drive in addition to the roberry at Lewis's home.




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