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County workers do what they can at Radium

July 21, 2006

Dougherty County --  While the state owns Radium Springs and the land on the riverside, Dougherty County owns the land next to the springs, and is keeping it up.

Friday, crews from Dougherty County Public Works were cleaning up the property around the Radium Springs. They trimmed the grass and bushes, and cut several trees and hauled them off.

Even though the casino has been knocked down and a fence put up to block off the springs, county workers are keeping the site from growing over.

"I know I'm proud of it, and the people of the community are definitely proud of that area. So we are doing everything that we can to keep it in a maintainable situation," said  Dougherty Co. Public Works Director Larry Cook.  

Cook says the County hopes one day to develop the area between Radium Springs Road and the springs for some public use, but until then they will not let one of Georgia's natural wonders become overgrown.



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