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Albany man reels in second big marlin

July 20, 2006

Albany - The odds of winning the state lottery are astronomical.

Imagine what your odds are of winning the lottery twice in your lifetime.

 Albany's Barry Carr hit the  marlin lottery for the second time in four years.

Last weekend, Carr won the 23rd annual Bay Point Invitational Billfish tournament with a marlin that was just a pound and a half shy of weighing 1000 pounds.

It took almost four and a half hours to get the 136 inch, 998 point six pound marlin on to the boat.

The first place fish brough Carr and fishing partner Eric Venable first place and the prize money of $230,000.

The big catch comes four years after Carr, Venable and two other Albany men teamed up to catch a Gulf of Mexico record 1054 pound marlin that won them more than 350-thousand dollars at a tournament in Mississippi.

Barry Carr said "I was kind of happy to do it again. We were all kind of high fiving and hugging and jumping up and down."

Eric Venable said "He is just the lucky fishermen alive. There has been four fish on record ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico that weighed over 1000 pounds. And he has two of them."

Carr and Venable say their next tournament is Orange Beach, Alabama on Labor Day weekend where if they can win a million dollars if they bring in a marlin that breaks the state record.




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