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Clock ticks on campaign signs

July 20, 2006

Albany - It happens after every election. Campaign signs aren't taken down and become an eyesore. There are rules about when the signs have to be removed, and candidates can rack up fines if they don't take them down.

Long after election day, you can find campaign signs littering yards and streets around town.  

"That creates a political eyesore,"said Trece Carter. And it's illegal. Trece Carter and other Jeff Sinyard supporters have spent the last two days picking up campaign signs around Albany.

"We have such a huge number of supporters and we promised them that we would get them a sign as well as recover their sign."

With temperatures in the 90's and a sea of signs around town, that's no easy job. "After ten signs, you kind of stop counting in this heat."

Candidates can find themselves in hot water if they don't clean up their political leftovers. Albany mandates all signs must come down within seven days after the election.

"You don't want the code enforcement division or maybe your neighbors complaining to you. So to make everybody's job easier, let's just comply with the rules," said Carter. 

Cleaning up is a little easier for Carter, since her hard work before the election help to lead her candidate to victory.

Code enforcement rarely fines candidates, but they do notify them about lingering campaign signs. Officers says they pick up hundreds of signs themselves.

Counties have different rules regarding campaign signs, so check with your local code enforcement for the rules.



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