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Run-off election in Lowndes County

July 19, 2006

Lowndes County - Tuesday was a long night for candidates and incumbents in the Lowndes County District 2 and 3 commission race.  Although one newcomer and two incumbents secured their spot on the November ticket, two commission candidates must now square off in a run-off election.

Republican incumbent Richard Lee won the District 2 race and his place on the ballot.  "First of all I'm very grateful and thankful for those voters who did exercise their right and got out and voted.  I'm sure Mr. Huff, Mr. Rozar, and Mr. Browning who ran a wonderful campaign I might add, were just equally as proud," Lee exclaimed.

Lee will be running against newcomer John Huff, who's excited about preparing for the November election and the possibility of putting a new face in office.  "I'm not a politician.  First I'm a citizen, a dad, a husband but I have a conviction there's something we need to do and this is a new process for me, I'm learning, and I'm excited," said Huff.

In District 3, Democrat Incumbent Robert Carter had a close race with opponent Tim Davis.  In the end, Carter came out on top.  Carter says, "I'm certainly happy to win because I've been at this a long time.  I was sheriff for 17 and a half years and commissioner since 2001 and I promised people I have a lot I still need to do."

His opponent for the November election has yet to be determined.  The two Republican candidates Billy Young Junior and Lucius Moore must face each other again in a run-off election.  "A candidate has to achieve a 50% plus one in order to claim the election.  None of the candidates achieved that so the top two get to run again in the run-off," says Deb Cox, a supervisor at the Lowndes County Board of Elections.

Lucius Moore received 37 point 61 percent of the vote while Young received 34 point 86 percent.  The run-off election will take place August 8 followed by the general election on November 7.


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