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Wireless Internet in Lee County

July 19, 2006

Lee County - - Much-anticipated wireless internet service is about to kickoff in Lee County. Commissioners approved the idea last year, but it took several months to work it all out. 

In many ways, it's become the wave of the future. It's quick, convenient, and usually easy to get - - unless you live in rural areas. But in Lee County, that's about to change.

Tina O'neill just moved to the area a couple of weeks ago. She works at home so having access to the internet is a must.

"My computer is set up to have internet wireless. I just come here plug in my computer and I have access to wireless internet and my computer works, I have all my functions."

She's one of many people who come to Starbucks or wherever they can to access wireless and avoid the hassle of traditional internet service.

"With dial up, youre constantly dealing with getting disconnected. and youre having to dial up again and try to get back on. With this, there's no interruptions."

The trend is making its way to Lee County. Commissioners have long wanted to offer wireless to residents. It's even a plus for public safety workers.

"The police cars actually act as a computer in someone's room, but they're actually in the car out in the field but there's information that EMS and public safety people need that they can only get on a high speed connection," says John Overlay of Camvera Networks. 

Representatives from Camvera, a private wireless company based in Atlanta, spent the day working on a Lee county tower. The company specializes in getting service to rural communities and other areas that aren't already able to pick up wireless.

"The high speed broadband wireless connectivity gives them the ability to have high speed and do the kinds of things you need to do with a high speed connection," Overlay says.

O'neill lives by it and feels anyone who needs it should have access to it.

"Wouldn't it be great if you could get wireless anywhere you go? I would love it, I would love it."

The service will be launched next month in limited areas. After that, the company plans to extend it to more locations throughout Lee County.

Camvera Networks wanted to build a 300 foot tower behind the Fire/E.M.S. station on U.S. 19, but county ordinances prevent private companies from building on the land, so Camvera leased a 500 foot cell tower behind Oxford Construction to offer this service.


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