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Three banks, one suspect. Who is he?

July 19, 2006

Tifton - There's apparently a serial bank robber on the loose in South Georgia. Three banks have been robbed in the last six weeks. In all three holdups, bank surveillance cameras photographed the man in action. Even though we've aired pictures of him from the holdups in Tifton, Cordele and Moultrie, surprisingly no one has recognized him.

BB&T is just one block from the Tifton Police Department. So, when this man walked into the bank June 5th and robbed a teller at gunpoint, it took everyone by surprise. But it may have been even more of a surprise when he hit again, first at Regions Bank in Cordele, then just two days ago, he held up Southwest Georgia bank in Moultrie.

"This is a very close likeness to this guy and we think that somebody in our community and your viewing area may know him," says Inv. Ricky Day of the Tifton Police Department. And that's why they've released a new sketch in hopes that someone gets a good enough look to identify the crook.

Day says, "All the bank surveillance video, we never got a full face shot of this guy, and the picture of this guy was in the victim's heads and that's what Marla, the GBI sketch artist does, is get that picture out and onto paper."

The sketch will hopefully help keep bank employees and customers safe. BB&T in Tifton was the first bank to be robbed by this apparent suspect. He used a handgun here as well as the other two banks. So far, no one has been hurt, but police are afraid that if the robberies continue, someone could be.  Day says, "The likelihood of violence or injury to someone goes up with each bank robbery. We know that based on statistics from prior bank robbers. The important thing is to get him caught and get him caught now before it goes any further."

But if he isn't caught before he strikes again, Investigator Day wants bank employees to call police as soon as they see him.  If they can't get to a phone, they should simply cooperate with the robber.  He says, "The most important thing is that everybody goes home at the end of the day. Money can be replaced, but people can't."

If you recognize this man, call the GBI. Police want to make it clear that anyone hiding or helping the suspect will also be prosecuted. All of the robberies have taken place on Mondays or Tuesdays between 2 and 4:30 in the afternoon. Investigators don't know how the robber is getting away.



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