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Scant rain prevents mosquito problems

July 19, 2006

Albany - One good side effect of this dry summer is mosquitoes aren't thriving. Dougherty County Environmental Control workers says they've received few complaints about mosquitoes this year.

Crews continue to larvacide pools of standing water to kill mosquitoes larvae. And you may have seen crews spraying at night to take out adult mosquitoes.

Director Donnell Mathis says the pests only need a little water to breed so it's important to dump out standing water around your home.

"Because there is not a lot of standing water around the ground, in the canals and ditches, does not mean that we don't have mosquitos. Because what is happening around a lot of homes when we do get rain, people are not pouring out containers and that can be a problem as far as our breeding sites for mosquitos concern," said Mathis. 

Mosquito eggs can live up to three years. All they need is a little water to hatch into larvae.



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