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Voters show overwhelming support for Jeff Sinyard

July 18, 2006

Albany - It was a big win for Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff "Bodine" Sinyard. Sinyard overwhelmingly beat challenger John Burr with 77% of the votes. For Sinyard, it was a much different story than in 2002 when he was first elected to the office. Then, he beat candidate James Bush by less than 50 votes.

With ten minutes until the polls closed, Jeff Sinyard was stilling working for votes.  

"We've been to basically every precinct in Albany, waving signs, talking to the people and answering questions," said Sinyard.

It's hard work that paid off. Sinyard was declared the overwhelming winner over challenger John Burr by 9:00PM.

"It was a hot, muggy day and so many wonderful people throughout this county went out and said 'Hey we want to make sure the County stays in the right direction and that someone is working hard.'"

Sinyard says he ran this race with fervor knowing every vote really does count. In 2002, he won the seat of Dougherty County Commission Chairman over candidate James Bush by just 46 votes.

"At that we didn't make promises that we couldn't keep. We just made promises that we would work hard and do the right thing which is trying to bring jobs and investments, take care of the taxpayers by not raising taxes and spend our money prudently."

His challenger, John Burr, greeted his supporters at the church where he pastors. He was disappointed but thankful for the group who help him get out his message that Dougherty County leaders were overlooking the elderly and the people in east Albany.

"We worked real hard this campaign and had some good people working for us. We stuck with the issues, looking after east Albany and senior citizens. Those were my concerns and still are my concerns," said Burr.

But voters showed their overwhelming backing for Sinyard. He double and even tripled his support in some precincts, such as West Town where he got just 15% of the vote in 2002 but 66% this year.

"Today was really the people saying that you have four more years to do a lot more work and we're ready to go," said Sinyard. Sinyard's says he ready to go -- Wednesday morning. But he spent Tuesday night celebrating the start of his second term as the leader of the Dougherty County commission.

Sinyard says his biggest goal for his second term is to bring more jobs to Albany and prevent more industries and businesses from leaving town.





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