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Worth the Weight

July 18, 2006

Albany -- School's out of session, but members of the Albany State football team are in the weight room getting ready for the upcoming season.

The Rams looking for their fourth straight conference championship, and the players say the work done now will pay big dividends during the season.

ASU junior Moncrief Hart learned the value of summer workouts his first day with the team.

"My freshman year I was here with Uyl Joiner, and those guys were a great class of guys. They were here during the summer. They brought me along, so I'm just trying to pass that along to the younger guys."

Redshirt freshman Cedric Bogans says, "You won't get out of shape staying here. If you go home, more than likely you say you'll work out, but you wind up not doing anything."

Bogans says he can see a difference already.

"It adds up a lot. From where I was, I've came a long way. Just from the summer. The summer does a lot."

Hart adds, "It gives you a leg up. Some times you get homesick and want to go home, but I'm thinking about the big picture, the quest for four, and trying to win a national championship."

The camp is voluntary, but the players are putting in a lot of time.

Bogan says, "We work out five days a week. We don't really take a break. Sometimes we come in on Saturday and get a little work in."

Hart says, "It's really getting you ready physically and mentally for camp, because camp is going to be hot. If you come in out of shape for camp, then there's really nothing you can do to get yourself ready for the first game. Staying here in the summer will improve you a whole lot."

The Rams open up the season August 26th at North Carolina Central.

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