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Light voter turnout in Dougherty County

July 18, 2006

Albany -- Dougherty County elections officers say the voter turnout Tuesday was light.

Most of the polls had a few people voting throughout the day, but never really a line of people at the ballot boxes.

At Westover High School, 451 people had voted by one o'clock. Assistant Poll Manager Sue Coker said "Kind of slow, but steady. We've had a pretty good turnout so far. "

 Dougherty County elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher said they experienced no real problems through the day, but they were expecting their busiest time to be from 4 until 6 PM.

Hatcher said a few precincts had "human error glitches" with the poll express computerized registration verification system, but overall felt it sped up the voting process.

In Lee County, again light but steady voter turnout was seen at most precincts. Elections supervisors say there have been no major problems in Tuesday's vote.


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