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Despite low turnout, Cox's hometown is rooting for a win

July 18, 2006

Bainbridge-  Not surprisingly, gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox is picking up a lot of votes in Bainbridge.  Voters turnout is low, but those who are voting are supporting their hometown girl in her bid to become Georgia's first female governor.

Last April, Cathy Cox chose her hometown of Bainbridge to kick off her campaign for Governor. Tuesday, her home town got a chance to show their support by casting ballots.

"I would think that Decatur County will vote for Cathy, she's a good girl and I hope for the best, so I thought I'd come out and show my support," said Liv Warren, a Cox supporter.

"We've known Cathy for a long time and she is the best candidate right now in this race and I hope that she wins," said Larry Jackson, voter.

Neighborhood signs on many corners proclaim Bainbridge's support.

"Because she's in the race and she is a female and we don't have a lot of females in office I knew I had to come and vote for Cathy Cox," said Drusilla Lee, a voter.

Despite having a hometown candidate, Decatur County's turn out is low, just 700 cast early ballots.

"It has been a lot slower than we expected," said Doris White, Decatur Co. Chief Elections Official.

Despite low turn out, just being from Bainbridge could be the lucky charm. The town has already fathered one governor.

"Marvin Griffin," proclaimed White.

While Bainbridge is sure Cox is the right candidate, they're hoping the rest of the state will agree.

"I think she'll carry most of the county, course we're just one county out of 159 so, who knows," said John Grimsley, a Cox supporter.

Bainbridge residents are hoping they can keep these campaign signs in place for November.  

Marvin Griffin also from Bainbridge served as Governor of the Peach State  from 1955 to 1959 and was also a Democrat.