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Kingston promotes hybrids/flex fuel

July 17, 2006

Valdosta - Between the new gas taxes and skyrocketing gas hikes, prices as the pump are at an all time high.

Congressman Jack Kingston is using this opportunity to promote his new bill and educate the public on fuel saving options.  Filling up your gas tank may be burning holes in your bank account but Congressman Jack Kingston says there is much you can do to keep some of that money in your wallet.

He has introduced a bill he hopes will rid the countries dependency on Middle Eastern oil by the year 2025.  "What we're trying to do is get people to use flex fuel vehicles that run on ethanol or hybrids that run on gas and batteries. And the technology is out there right now," said Congressman Jack Kingston.

Almost every car dealer offers some sort of hybrid or flex fuel vehicles.  The most popular hybrids are the Toyota Prius, Highlander, and Camry.

These vehicles get 33-60 miles per gallon and dealers across the country are having a hard time keeping this car on lot.  "The demand for them is not meeting production standards. Usually every one is pre sold before it hits. We get people from Tallahassee, Lake City, Jacksonville, down from Atlanta and over from Savannah because they'll go where ever they can get the car," said Derrek Demmler, Sales manager of 5 Points Toyota in Valdosta.

In the state, there are only a handful of locations were drivers can get ethanol and bio-diesel fuels and this lack of option is hindering drivers from purchasing some of these hybrid vehicles.  But many vendors are stepping up to the plate.

In Mitchell County, developers are planning a 100 million gallon corn base ethanol production plant that will be functional by 2008.  Ethanol plant developer Murray Campbell says, "we're negotiating with some convenience store chains that will move ethanol back in the area and one of them has a flag ship store here in Valdosta. They would like to put E85 pump in and put pumps along all interstate highways."

Until these options are readily available, Kingston is encouraging South Georgians to carpool, ride their bikes, and look into purchasing newer vehicles with better mileage.

Owners of the Toyota Prius are saving an average of 94 gallons per year.  Purchasing a hybrid vehicle, that can be filled with ethanol, could save drivers about 4 hundred and 77 gallons of gasoline a year once pumps are more popular in Georgia.


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