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Dougherty commissioner complains school system is wasting money

July 17, 2006

Albany - A Dougherty County commissioner refuses to approve the school board's millage rate because he says the school system is wasting taxpayers money. Jack Stone was the only commissioner to vote against the school board millage rate, which is slightly lower this year.

Stone said the school system paid above appraised value for several properties. And he says poor accounting in the department that oversees the system's reduced and free lunch program led to a budget shortfall of 3.9-million dollars in 2004.

"That is blowing the taxpayer's money. I'm tired, sick, and fed up with it. That's why I voted against the taxes on the account of the school board. It wasn't because of the Dougherty County commission, I know where we stand," said Stone.

Stone, who's son Jack Stone, Junior is running from school board, says the fact that all three members up for re-election have opposition is proof people are upset with the school board's handling of tax money.



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