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Thieves hit Worth County church

July 17, 2006

Albany - Air conditioning bandits are targeting churches again. This time in Worth County. Thieves stole an air conditioning unit at Chapel Hill Baptist Church off Highway 112 in Worth County over the weekend.

The thieves also cut the lines to steal two other units at the church too, but they only made off with one. Pastor Larry James says a church member discovered the AC unit was gone early Sunday morning, and members had to hold service at another church.

"We would like to send a message to the perpetrators to let them know that you have inconvenience us, but you have not hurt the church one bit. The church is on the inside, and the church will keep going. The damaged that they've done is only to themselves, and they will answer to God for their actions," said Pastor James.

James warns other businesses to watch out for the bandits, many of whom steal the air conditioning units for the copper wires inside. Copper prices are the highest level in 25 years, bringing about $1.80 a pound at scrap yards.

Pastor James plans to put up a fence around the new unit and maybe install a security camera.

Thieves also stole air conditioning units from at least three Albany churches about three months ago.



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