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Lee County Democrats Push for Commission Seat

July 16, 2006

Lee County-- Voters will soon elect a new Commissioner for the District 1 seat. We introduce you to two of the Democrat candidates pushing for your vote. 

There were some things I got interested in and I kept trying to get answers to and I never could get answers to them, not correct straight answers and it was like no one understood what I was asking," says Candidate Mary Egler.

That's why she threw her name into the hat. She wants to be Lee County's next District 1 Commissioner and she has some concerns.

"The budget. Why does it keep going over and the commissioners don't know about it until they've already spent 1 point something million dollars."'

The former school bus driver and substitute teacher says the county also needs to make sure things like taxes and emergency services are evenly distributed across the county.

One of her challengers is Willie Sneed. In Macon County, he says he was the first black official to be elected there ever. But he says the issues of Lee County have nothing to do with skin color.

"It's not about race. It's about fairness, honesty, and consistency. That's what the whole ball game is, there's no doubt about it," Sneed says.

In Montezuma, he served as a city commissioner for 8 years and the tax assessor for 6 years.

"After all these positions, I learned a lot about government. I want to try to make Lee County government as successful and prosperous as possible."

He says he's not going to talk about the problems of Lee County's past in order to win your vote.

"If I'm on the commission and know what the issues are, then after researching then we can proceed with the issues, but other than that youre wasting time doing it."

Willie Sneed, Mary Egler. Two candidates working for your vote. 

Another candidate, James Mays, is running for a seat on the Lee County District 1 Commission. We couldn't reach him after several attempts calling the telephone number he registered with the Lee County Board of Elections Office.

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