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District 6 School Board Candidates Vying for Votes

July 15, 2006

Albany - - With concerns about education in Dougherty County and low test scores on the minds of many parents, community leaders are hard at work trying to improve students' academic success. 

Two of those leaders are vying for your vote in the upcoming District 6 School Board Election. 

District 6 School Board Representative Mike Windom has served on the board for 12 years. He wants to continue what he's doing.

"I feel like I have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to be able to offer myself and continue to do a good job," Windom says.

If he's elected, it would be his 4th term on the Board. Yet he's constantly thinking of new ideas for the school system.

"What I envision, converting sections of the media center into a testing center where throughout the day students can periodically go and do practice tests online."

But Windom is being challenged by Dean Phinazee. Phinazee spent the day knocking on doors getting the word out and finding out the people's concerns.

"Some of them don't like the way the school board is going, test scores and things like that," Phinazee says.

So he threw his name in the hat. He says Windom may have experience on the board, but Phinazee says he has experience in the classroom.

"I have 35 years of teaching experience. I worked in Dougherty county school system for 23 years and I know that there are issues in the school system that I'm aware of and he's not aware of and he's on the board."

Phinazee retired from teaching 15 years at Isabella and another 15 years at Monroe. Two candidates, one position.

"We know that we have to continue to imporve on our test scores because the goal is 100 percent and unless you reach that goal, you'll always have work to do," Windom says. 

"We're tired of the same old thing over and over again so I will have new ideas to present to the board," says Phinazee. 

The decision is up to the voters.

Windom is an automotive technician for Delphi. Phinazee has spent much of his time after retirement working as a substitute teacher.