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Community thanks our troops

July 15, 2006

Albany -- Troops from the 48th brigade were honored today in Albany for their work overseas and serving the country. Those in uniform, their families, local politicians, and others in the community joined the 48th Brigade to thank them for their service.

It was a time to say thanks to our uniformed men and women, who recently served our country in the Iraq war.

The troops were thankful for the show of community support, as they readjust to being home. The transition back is harder than some may think.

"Just going to the store to Walmart, and being able to walk around in a crowd of people without being real nervous about who's around me, that's probably been one of the most difficult things since we got back," said battallion commander Colonel Steve McCorkle.

A wide range of people showed support of the troops, from community members to local leaders, even state lawmakers. Senator Saxby Chambliss spoke before the group and shared stories of the work the military has done to make a change in Iraq.

"It's what's winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people in support of this war and in support of the United States of America," said Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

The honors not only went to the men and women who stood at the ceremony today.

"We also want to express to their families how much we appreciate the sacrifice that they endured, as well as their employers who had to do without their services on the job for the time they were deployed," said Congressman Sanford Bishop.

It also went to the 26 fallen heroes of the 48th brigade in Albany. Those who served and fought for our country's freedom.

"Every single day that we get up and go about our business free from the fear of terrorism, free from an explosion in the subway or explosion at the mall, it's because of the sacrifice of every man and woman in uniform," said Joni Bennett.

That sacrifice is the reason these people are free to be thankful today.

48th Brigade appreciation day included a BBQ lunch at the VFW, and discounted entry fees for servicemen and their families into Parks at Chehaw and Flint RiverQuarium.



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