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DVDs collected for those serving overseas

July 15, 2006

Albany -- Young Marines from South Georgia may not be ready to serve the country overseas, but the group currently has their own operation underway. It's one to collect as many movies on DVD as possibly to send to our troops who are deployed.

The young marines were front of Sam's Club taking up new and used DVDs, as well as donations to purchase more.

The group is called to action with the American Veterans in hopes to send millions of DVDs to our troops in combat."Purpose of that is I was infantry for 25 years, so I kinda know what they're going through. The thing about it is a little down time to look at a movie or something like that keeps your mind off of trouble that you're going through," said Young Marines Coordinator Nathaniel Lowman.

"They've been working hard, over there in Iraq and other places for our country," said 10-year-old Young Marine Damon Goodman.

Collection at Sam's Club will continue tommorow between 10 to 2.

The Young Marines is open to any person between 8 to 18 years old and will be accepting applicants one week from today at the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

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