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Summer program enriches teens

July 14, 2006

Albany -- The Boys and Girls Club of Albany helped a lot of young people enjoy a safe and trouble-free summer. A state grant paid for an 8-week summer enrichment program that ended tonight.

These Merry Acres middle-schoolers are pumped about a big win today at the Boys and Girls Club basketball game. But this ball game is about more than who scores the most points. It's about the good time these young ball players had this summer, and the teamwork they learned along the way.

"I feel like if we have more teamwork and more people looking after each other I feel like that will cure a lot of the problems we're facing today," said Derrick Greene.

That's what a statewide grant from the Department of Human Resources set out to do. Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Georgia scored six million dollars to fund summer programs giving children something positive and productive to do.

More than 1200 teens were involved with this summer's activites, the program was meant to keep kids off these streets, and out of trouble.

"You see kids some days getting into trouble, you got gangs, got drugs, we got a lot of street violence. So I think it's important to help us clean the streets up and give kids somewhere to go," said Derrick Greene.

For this group of guys, that place was onto the ball court. It's given many young people a positive thing to look foward to for the past eight weeks.

"It's been good, I love playing basketball, so this is the only thing I've been doing all summer," said 13-year-old Rashad Greene.

"I like playing basketball, which I'll hopefully go to the NBA one day or whatever, so I like playing. So this this like give me another experience for when I go back to my hometown and play at my school," said 14-year-old Jeremy Bellamy.

This summer program has taught these teens that the ball is in their court. Nicole Johnson, WALB News Ten, Albany.

Tonight was the championship game of the summer teen enrichment program. The program also included regular swimming nights and other get togethers.



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