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Lee County Commission District 1 Republican Race

July 14, 2006

Lee County - - Serving on a county commission isn't easy, especially if the county you represent is undergoing tremendous growth. In Lee County, elected representatives are struggling to manage rapid growth and keep a balanced budget.

The man who's currently the Commission Chairman wants to keep his seat, but he's got competition in the primary and general elections.

We've seen him serving on the Lee County Commission for 4 years. Now we see him campaigning to keep the spot.

"There's a lot of issues...balanced budget, growing pains, roads that need to be re-paved," says incubment Jackie Sizemore.

He admits it hasn't been easy serving as District One Commissioner.

"It's real hard. It's hard to come to grips with people who get aggravated about certain things. It's a tough job, it's a thankless job."

But he's confident he's the one to keep at it. His challenger has a different viewpoint.

"I just think that it's time Lee County has a change. It seems like we're just involved in whats going on right now instead of planning for the future," says challenger Dennis Roland.

Roland says someone needs to be in office who can better deal with Lee County's growth, relieve overcrowding in schools, and keep taxes steady. Roland wants a shot, despite a previous record of DUI's - one in 1991, another in 1992, and again in 1999. He says those days are gone.

"It's something I've done. I havent had any alchool since 1999. I caused a problem, I can't make no excuse for it but its behind us. I think if Lee County wants to live in the past then they need to re-elect Mr. Sizemore, we'll keep going the way we're going - in the past."

 Sizemore says either way somebody's gotta do the job.

"If he unseats me then he's my Commissioner and I'll support him. He'll have 100 percent of my support."

Next Tuesday voters will decide. Sizemore works for Sizemore Plumbing Company with his father. Roland is retired from the Department of Defense.

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