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Three Republicans Run for District 3

July 14, 2006

Lowndes County - Five candidates will run for District 3 in the Lowndes County Commission race.  Today we'll take a look at the three Republicans battling for the commission seat.

Lucius Moore, David Dempsey, and Billy Young Junior are all vying for the Republican nomination for District 3 Commission.

Lucius Moore could not be interviewed on camera because of work obligations out of town but did say he felt people needed someone in office who would listen and respond to issues brought before local government.  He also said one of his main priorities will be to provide more paved roads, work to make the roads safer, and to strengthen law enforcement in the area.

One of his opponents, David Dempsey believes the local government needs to better monitor the industry coming in to Lowndes County.  Dempsey says, "If we don't get the right industries we'll wind up as a dumping ground for chemical, biological, and petroleum products and that's why I want the correct industry here.  And I don't want to beg them.  They need to want to come here and giving them huge incentives isn't the way to go."

The final candidate is fire fighter Billy Young Junior.  Billy is also out of town for the weekend but in a phone interview he told us his main priority is to make Lowndes County a better place for the future. 

This includes using the SPLOST tax to pave more roads and improve the park system.

The three Republican opponents are all hoping for a win in Tuesday's primary so they can face incumbent Richard Carter or Tim Davis in November's election. 


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