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Kids get hooked on golf

July 13, 2006

Albany - A group of Albany kids are now hooked on the game of golf thanks to the Albany Parks and Recreation Department and Flint River Golf Course.  

Flint River golf pro Roy Sneed hosting his annual hook a kid on golf program this week.

The boys and girls selected for this program have been getting lesson not only on how to swing a club but also the rules of the game.

And each boy and girl will get to keep their golf bag and junior clubs.

The idea is that these kids will want to keep playing the game after this week and that is just what alot of these youngster say they are going to do.

Marquis Douglas said "I learned how to um to hold a golf club and hit the ball and plant my feet."

Wesley AnnRice said "He has worked with us about getting your stance right and how to the ball and stuff like that."

Roy Sneed says that several of the first participants in the hooked on golf program are now playing in college and one is even the captain of his school's golf team.








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