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Democrats battle for District 3

July 13, 2006

Lowndes County - We'll follow dozens of local races throughout south Georgia next Tuesday. One of them is a Lowndes County Commission race. 

Five candidates will run for District 3 County Commissioner.  Today, we'll  introduces you to the Democrats in the race.

County Commissioner Robert Carter served 17 years as Lowndes County Sheriff.  He became District 3 county commissioner in 2000.   He's hoping for a win on Tuesday and re-election in November so he can help county-wide infrastructure keep up with the economic and industrial growth.

"There are some roads that need paving and I want to get water and sewer moving towards the southern part of the county," Carter said.  "We want to see some sewage move west of town and south of town. But the growth, if we don't keep up, we're going to eat our lunch and that's one of our main priorities."

Tim Davis is challenging Carter for the County Commissioner seat.  He retired after 30 years in the Federal Government and is now looking to get involved locally.  He's going door to door seeking ideas and asking for votes.

Davis hopes that if elected he will manage county growth while seeking more active involvement from members of the community.  "I'm a bit concerned about our counties future," said Davis.  "We have a lot of planning underway at this moment in our history and I think the absence of public participation in that planning process is what I hope to brig to the table to make it a better place to live for the future of our families and our offspring."

Both candidates were born and raised in Georgia and dedicated their lives to public service.  Although they may have different opinions on the best way to run District 3, they both agree that everyone needs to get out and vote!

"It's a difficult time of year and people come home exhausted from work so it's very difficult to inspire them to go vote in the primaries. So I'm hoping people will go vote," said Davis.

Carter added, "I would certainly encourage people to get out to vote! It's something they should do."

Advanced voting is being held from 7 to 7 at the Board of Elections in Valdosta.   All other polling centers open Tuesday.

Friday we'll let you meet the three Republican Candidates hoping to be the District 3 County Commissioner.