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Thomasville cars target of thieves

July 12, 2006

Thomasville-  A warning to Thomasville residents, don't leave valuables in your car.  Thomasville Police have seen the number of felony auto breaking escalate over the last three months. Thieves are breaking into locked and unlocked vehicles and taking everything from loose change, credit cards, and wallets to CD and DVD players.

"We think there's probably two or three of them that are doing this and in some cases together because they're taking large ticket items from the vehicles and they had to carry them and I know one person couldn't have carried the stuff," said Sgt. Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville Police. 

There were 18 break ins reported in May, 19 break ins in June, and so far there have been 12 cases reported through July 9th.



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