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Campaign volunteers work hard to make a difference

July 13, 2006

Lee County -- You have probably seen hundreds of campaign signs across Georgia.   Most were distributed by volunteers, working without pay to support their candidate.  

 The volunteers we talked with said they are working hard because they believe they are making a difference.

Lee County Republican Party Volunteer Terese Thomas spends hours making phone calls for her candidates. Terese Thomas said "Through the 15 years that I have been involved, it has become more and more apparent of how important it is."

Terese and her husband Tommy use their business office to house the Lee County Republican Headquarters, and volunteer for Governor Sonny Perdue because they believe in their candidates' message. Lee County Republican Party volunteer Tommy Thomas said "it's our future, our children's future, our grandchildren's future."

In Albany, volunteers work the phones in support of Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor volunteer coordinator Pat Perdew said "They are taking the time off, to come in, because they realize the importance of this election."

The hundreds of signs around town are just a fraction of the work these people put in to help their candidate in his bid for Governor. Perdew said "It's a great deal of work, and no money. But there are certain things you have to work for if you believe in. And it's a matter of belief."

Republican or Democrat, the feeling is the same for the volunteers, they are giving of themselves to help. Perdew said "You might feel what you are doing is small, but when you put it all together it makes a difference. And I think that's what people realize, they are making a difference."

 While many people don't even bother to vote on election day, Perdew and the Thomas family go the extra mile to work for their candidates, and shape their government. Thomas said "I think you need to find a candidate that supports what you believe in, and supports the values you believe in, and then work to get them elected."

 Both Pat Perdew and the Thomases say they see a lot of interest in Georgia's Governors race, and they expect a large turnout of voters for next Tuesday primary elections.


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