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Cox, Taylor defend campaign ads

July 12, 2006

Albany -- The mudslinging and attack ads between Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox have been flying for weeks. Both candidates say they've run these ads to set the record straight after allegations from the other.

Four candidates are running for the democratic gubernatorial slot. For frontrunners Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox, it's come down to a mudslinging fight to the finish.

"I wish that we could run a factual campaign and talk about the issues but my opponent doesn't play those games," said Cox.

"If your opponent tells what's untrue about you, you have to set the record straight," said Taylor.

Cox has repeatedly run an ad acusing Taylor of getting free prison labor for one of his family trucking companies.

Well Taylor says none of his or his family companies did such.

"No company that I've ever been associated with has ever used prison labor, it's just a lie, a total misrepresentation of the truth," said Taylor.

Cox says Taylor is running from the facts.

"Mark Taylor has apoligized not once but twice for being the intermediary that sealed the deal for his family business to use free prison labor in place of people trying to work their way off of welfare," said Cox. 

In the latest set of ads Taylor's camp accuses Cox of using public money for ads to promote herself.

Cox says the clips in which she uses her name are from a completely different set of ads.

"I never used my name in any of those ads. My opponent took ads from an entirely different context where we were showing some local ads to invite people to come to some seminars," said Cox.

It's something Taylor says is a flat out lie.

"We filed an open records complaint and we recieved thirteen ads that were paid for with public funds. She stars in nine of them and states her name in nine of the 13. So in her own words she is not telling the truth," said Taylor. 

One thing both candidates agree on is that it's important to let the public know what they stand for. But when it comes to the ads on TV, the issues aren't what many people are hearing about.

There really weren't any attacks in tonight's debate. Cox and Taylor focused on what they have done and what they want to do for Georgians.




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