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July 12, 2006

Parrott -- Paxton Jones can't race around the track at 80 miles-an-hour.

He can't double up the big jumps, and taking his hands off the handle-bars in mid-air is a big no-no.

But at just 7-years old, Paxton Jones is making a lot of people take notice in the world of motocross.

The sound of dirt bikes fills the air at an undisclosed private training facility outside of Dawson, as 7-year-old Paxton Jones, 10-year-old brother Landon, and 11-year-old Blake Grimsley hone their skills.

Paxton has been racing most of his life.

"My dad got me a dirt bike for Christmas," says Paxton,  "and it had training wheels on it."

His coach Karl Scott has 23 years riding experience, and helps the young rider focus on the fundamentals.

"Like going fast through the corners," says Paxton.

Scott says, "He's willing to learn. With me working with him, if he carries on the techniques we're teaching him, he could go on to be a professional motocross racer one day."

Paxton has qualified for the Amateur Motocross Association National Championships in Hurricane Hills, Tennessee, and with over 1,200 riders participating, Scott says it's a very big deal.

"It's just an achievement to get there."

Paxton adds, "Yeah, it's fun."

Paxton can be non-chalant about the tournament, because he only has one reason for racing.

"You get to go fast."

The Loretta Lynn AMA amateur motocross championships begin the first week of August.


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